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Kim Hogan, ECMp, CAPTUREp — 28 Business Development Manager — Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. Irvine, California Blog URL: Twitter ID: Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration — Sales & Marketing Emphasis, Chapman University Professional Associations/Memberships: ITA — Information Technology Alliance Hobbies: I've recently taken up cycling in addition to my already intensive gym routine. In the rare time that I'm not traveling for work, I've also managed to sneak in a few non-work excursions, which have been fantastic! What are some ways your business has gone "paper- less" and/or "green" in the last two years? As a document scanner manufacturer, "going paperless" is clearly a fundamental driver for firms implementing our technology. I've taken that even further by positioning ScanSnap and Fujitsu scanners as the paper onramp to the Cloud. This past year we formed the CloudSolu- tions Alliance, a group of ISVs that have come together with the goal of providing education to accounting professionals on Cloud, SaaS and paperless technologies. By teaming with these partners, we've been able to show a big picture story of how various Cloud applica- tions can work together to provide an end-to-end solution … and it all starts by digitizing those paper documents. Do you embrace cloud computing? Of course. It's difficult to find someone who doesn't embrace the Cloud today, even if they don't realize it. My grandmother recently asked me to explain the Cloud to her after she'd read about my latest initiative with the CloudSo- lutions Alliance on Facebook (yes, my 81 year-old grandma is on Facebook!). She was very pleased to discover she herself is a Cloud adopter. I explained that tools she uses everyday: online banking, Shutterfly, Yahoo! mail and Facebook are all Cloud applications. It just goes to show that the Cloud can be embraced by any generation. How is cloud computing changing the accounting profession, and how concerned are you with the security issues related to cloud computing? In today's business world, access to data is key, whether I'm a client who wants my information available (securely) 24/7, or a partner in a firm who needs to review my employee's work while traveling. Cloud-based portals and repositories enable firms to better serve their clients by removing obstacles and enabling real-time access to information. Sure, security is a valid concern to any individual every day, but that isn't limited to the Cloud. How about the waiter who disappears to the back for 10 minutes with your credit card to process the bill? Or the helpful associate at your favorite department store who takes your credit card information while they try to locate that impossible-to-find item you've got to have? I think we're at a place in our profession where security in Cloud-based solutions is arguably better than in on-premise applications. Anyone who's had to use MobileMe to wipe their data off of a missing iPad can validate that. Do you foresee the majority of firms still implementing servers for the majority of their computing in their offices five years from now or do you think they will be outsourcing this component to vendors who specialize in this area? There is definitely a paradigm shift right now where companies are realizing that employees can be more productive and have less chance of losing data due to hardware problems. If things are backed up in the Cloud, they can pick right up from any device, whether it's a tablet or another laptop. As companies desire to be more agile, outsourced and hosted services are becoming more and more attractive. Are you using social networking (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+) as a marketing tool for your practice/business … or do you use such sites for personal use only? Have you gained any clients/ customers or seen other demonstrable benefits from the use of social networking? @ScanSnapKim: Of Course, @CPAPracAdvisor! I think it's a true art to be able to communicate an important message in 140 characters or less #JustSayin! I feel that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites are a great way to enhance relationships with existing partners and clients, as well as a fantastic way to network while we're not out on the road. In fact, following last year's 40 Under 40 release, I connected with @DeepSky's W. Michael Hsu via Twitter and Facebook prior to ever meeting him in person. A year later, we're not only successfully working together to serve our customers, but have co-authored an educational article … not to mention becoming great friends. What pitfalls or what unwritten rules of social networking etiquette exist, which are frequently missed by others in the profession? The best advice I've ever received regarding social media etiquette is to ensure it's a two-way street. Avoid "advertising-centric transmit-only mode" and instead focus on staying interactive, and even starting a conversation. When this policy is maintained, the true value of collabora- tive platforms like Facebook and Twitter are able to be optimized, which leads to the creation of much more educational content — and everyone wins! What ONE piece of technology could you absolutely not live without? I was recently put to the test when I arrived at an airport for a business trip and discovered I had left my laptop on the kitchen counter. I had my iPad2 (and iPhone) in hand to get me through a five-day, two-city trip. I was extremely surprised to see that I was able to turn what most people call a "consumption device" in the iPad, into a production tool, as well. I was able to accomplish all my necessary business and didn't come home to a laundry list of "to-dos." In fact, I might just have to forget my laptop more often! NOT including your current employer, what company do you most admire and why? I find myself constantly telling people that customer service is a dying art. Last year, I recognized Starwood Hotels as my most admired company, based on their customer-centric focus. Another organization that really stands out to me for similar reasons is Nordstrom. For busy professionals like me, even little things like hassle-free returns, phone pre-orders with free shipping and, of course, 24-hour concierge service all come in handy. Most of all, its commitment to customer service continues to shine when other stores are sorely lacking. It makes perfect sense really. In today's business, our clients aren't always looking for the cheapest price or the best deal; they're seeking a valuable service or product and are often willing to pay more if the return is a better experience. What sports team/championship event do you absolutely refuse to miss? Over the past year, the combination of travel insanity and the poor performance by the Vikings drove me to boycott football for the first time in years. For healing, I turned instead to the (very competitive) sport of shoe shopping. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of opening day at the Nordstrom half-yearly sale: lines out the door of eager shoppers hoping for the chance to find the highly sought-after pair of limited edition Christian Louboutin pumps, only to be disappointed when Kim Hogan emerges victorious! Okay, okay, maybe it didn't happen exactly like that… Cell phone: iPhone 4 – Thank God! I've finally upgraded after five years on a BlackBerry! What is your favorite smartphone or tablet app? I've used TripIt for years as a LinkedIn add-on, but never took advantage of the mobile app for my BlackBerry. Since switching to the iPhone, however, I've rediscov- ered it. It's been a huge timesaver while on the road, especially in navigating multi-city business trips. Why didn't I think of that!? What are some of your favorite books, movies, music, websites, and TV shows? I'm making up for lost time in the music department with some oldies but goodies that I missed the first time around. Some recent introductions have been The Band, Warren Zevon, Death Cab for Cutie, Tom Petty and U2. On the movie CONTINUED ON PAGE 41 40 Back to Contents Page 3

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