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THOUGHT LEADERS Top Accounting Profession Thought Leaders to Gather in February E By Taija Jenkins, Associate Editor ach year, the most respected and i n f l u e n t i a l l ea d e r s i n t h e accounting profession meet at CPA Practice Advisor's Annual Tought Leader Symposium to discuss emerging trends and technologies. During the exclusive event, atendees participate in several round-table discussions with each other and senior management from leading technology companies to develop strategies for best ser v ing accounting professionals and their clients. Tis year's invitation-only event will be held February 17-19, at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Te three-day meeting not only serves as a meeting of the minds, but is also an opportunity for our publication to recognize those leaders and professionals that are truly making a diference in the profession. Tis recognition is accentuated by the Tax & Accounting Hall of Fame dinner and awards ceremony. The ceremony is held on the first night of the symposium and is the highlight of the symposium. Prior Accounting Hall of Fame i nduc tees i nclude Gregor y L . La Fol lette, CPA .CITP, R andy Johnston and R ick R ichardson, CPA.CITP. Leading up to and following the Awards Ceremony, the thought leaders will have the opportunity to sit in on presentations from the profession's top vendors and provide valuable feedback. Leaders will get a frsthand look into the companies' st rateg ies a nd pla ns for t he upcoming year, while sharing the issues that mater most to tax and accounting professionals. Last year, I had the opportunity to atend the 2nd Annual Tought Leader Symposium, shortly after joining the staf here at CPA Practice Advisor. This event served as my "introduction" into the world of accounting. It put me face-to-face Read more about this year's Thought Leaders at: www.cpapracticeadvisor. com/10836426 with the people whose names (and faces) I would encounter so many times afer that event. It didn't take long for me to realize and appreciate why these 25 professionals were selected as Tought Leaders. Every person on this list has made significant contributions to the profession, and they have numerous honors and accolades to show for it. Teir insight and knowledge is truly invaluable, as they continue to serve the profession and implement best practices. It was truly an honor to be in their presence the frst time and I look forward to seeing them again at this year's event. Congratulations to this year's 25 Tought Leaders and 2013 Hall of Fame Inductee(s). The Top 25 Thought Leaders for 2013 are: M. DARREN ROOT, CPA.CITP 28 L. GARY BOOMER, CPA.CITP JIM BOOMER, CPA.CITP JIM BOURKE, CPA.CITP DAVID CIESLAK, CPA.CITP Executive Editor, CPA Practice Advisor; Principal of Root & Associates, LLC; and President of RootWorks LLC. CEO, Boomer Consulting, Inc. CIO, Boomer Consulting Inc. CIO and Partner, WithumSmith+Brown GSEC, Principal, Arxis Technology, Inc. January 2013 • CONTINUED ON PAGE 30

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