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JULY 2018 ■ 13 NOT-FOR-PROFIT APPS: REVIEW Xero Accounting for Nonprofits Xero is a good fit for smaller nonprofit organizations that are looking to move to financial management software. While Xero is not designed for nonprofit organizations, it can be used in non-profit organizations that do not need to manage multiple funds, grants, or projects. Xero is available in three versions: the Starter version, which offers limited transaction processing and is available for $9.00 per month; the Standard version, which includes payroll for up to five employees, and runs $30 per month; and the Premium version, which includes unlimited invoicing as well as payroll for 10 employees, and currently runs $70 per month. Xero also offers a free 30-day trial that does not require a credit card, so those interested can try out the product to see if it's a good fit for them. Read the full review for this product online at: 12418417 4.5 2018 OVERALL RATING Donor Search As a nonprofit, one of your most valued resources is your donor database. You carefully track each donor, making sure that they are cultivated on a timely basis. But how do you identify potential donors? Yes, you gather contact information from your website, or from Facebook, or from trade shows, but even then, what do you really know about the people you are considering potential donors? Do they give to other like-minded organizations? Do they give to organizations at all? While there are various wealth screening tools available, they are designed to work with existing prospects. Donor Search is different, providing subscribers access to more than 20 databases including DonorSearch's Annual Reports Philanthropy Database, containing over 110 million records, with more than 600,000-700,000 records added every week. The Philanthropy Database is updated weekly, so you'll always have access to the latest records. Donor Search also offers subscribers excellent reporting options for easier prospect management. DonorSearch offers a free demo for those interested in learning more about the product and what it can do. Read the full review for this product online at: 12418421 Facebook Fundraisers While Facebook may not be the first place you think of when planning a fundraiser, there are advantages to using Facebook for your next fundraiser. First, there are no fees involved for having a Facebook fundraiser. Next, Facebook can be an excellent venue for nonprofit organizations that have a huge Facebook presence, as the fundraiser will reach your supporters easily. One of the best features about the Facebook fundraiser is that you have the opportunity to tell your story about why you're raising money. You can add a photo, then simply click the Create button and the fundraiser is done! While this may not bring in the amount of funds needed to sustain an organization over the course of the year, it offers a very affordable way to create varying fundraisers throughout the year at no cost to your organization. If you have a nonprofit, it's worth checking out this option. Read the full review for this product online at: 12418429 Salsa CRM Salsa CRM is a strong traditional donor management system that can also be paided with the online fundraising system Salsa Engage. Designed to streamline donor data while making it easier to create compelling, personalized messages to donors, Salsa CRM tracks donation history, contact data, donor demographics, and even social media accounts. The donor profile is easily navigated, and there is even a place to enter the names and type of pets a donor may have. There is also a cultivation schedule that can be utilized, and a photo and personalized notes can be added to any donor record. Used together, Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM will cover just about any type of fundraising and donor management your nonprofit may need. Even better, Salsa Engage is included in every Salsa CRM package purchased. Read the full review for this product online at: 12418426 Salsa Engage Salsa labs offers a variety of nonprofit resources designed to manage the fundraising portion of nonprofit management. Salsa Engage is an excellent option for nonprofits that are looking to design a fundraising platform to reach more potential donors. Salsa Engage offers a variety of tools including online donation forms that are completely customized for your organization and are mobile-friendly as well. The forms can be embedded in various landing pages throughout your website and allow your organization to accept donations of all types including one-time donations, recurring donations, "In Memory Of " donations and "In Honor Of" donations. One of the best features in Salsa Engage is the ability to acknowledge donations made immediately with an automated message. Auto-response messages can be personalized as well. Year-end summary reports can also be created in Salsa Engage to send your donors, particularly important if you have a lot of monthly donors. Read the full review for this product online at: 12418423 APPS FOR NONPROFITS

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