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12 AUGUST 2018 ■ REVIEW: PROFESSIONAL TAX PREP SYSTEMS ATX - Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting ATX from Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting is a tax compliance application best suited for small firms that file simple to complex returns. ATX also offers extensive tax law research capability that is designed to integrate with the core system. ATX offers five packages: Pay-Per-Return, 1040, MAX, Total Tax Office, and Advantage editions; with each package offering a variety of features and functionality. The ATX Pay-Per-Return version is $229 plus per-return fees; the 1040 Package, which is $699; the MAX Package, which is $1,649; the Total Tax Office, which is $2,399; and the Advantage version is $3,949. Read the full review for this product online at: 12423532 4.75 2018 OVERALL RATING Drake Tax Drake Tax from Drake Software is well-suited for small to mid-sized accounting firms that process both individual and business taxes for clients. Drake Tax can be installed as a desktop/network solution or accessed as a hosted desktop application. Also available from Drake are two web-based solutions that provide firms with the ability to prepare 1040 returns online. Drake Zero is for a stand-alone location, and Web1040 is for firms with upwards of 20 physical locations. Drake Tax Unlimited is Drake’s all-inclusive tax program and is available for $1,395 if purchased by Sept. 30. The Power Bundle includes Drake Tax Unlimited and Drake Accounting and is currently priced at $1,495 if purchased by Sept. 30. There is also a pay-per-return option available for $330 for 15 returns. Drake Tax includes free online training, and live support. Read the full review for this product online at: 12423349 5 2018 OVERALL RATING Intuit ProConnect Tax Online ProConnect Tax Online is best suited for both multi-service and tax-only firms that are small and growing. ProConnect Tax Online processes both individual and business returns, and offers easy online access, with users able to access the application from any platform including PCs, Mac, smartphones, and tablets. ProConnect Tax Online offers two pricing strategies; one for 1040 returns and one for business returns. Pricing includes federal, state, multi-state, and municipal e-filing, with pricing per return. For 1040 filing, 1-9 returns are $43.95 each; 10-49 returns are $30.95 each; and 50-99 returns $20.95 each, with special pricing available for more than 100 returns. Business return pricing is currently $54.95 each for 1-9 returns; $43.95 each for 10-49 returns, and $35.95 each for 50-99 returns, with special pricing available for more than 100 returns. Business pricing includes preparation of forms 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 990, and 709. Read the full review for this product online at: 12423358 4.25 2018 OVERALL RATING Intuit ProSeries ProSeries Tax from Intuit is best suited for small to mid-sized accounting firms that primarily prepare individual 1040’s though the product does offer the option to process business returns as well. ProSeries Tax is available in two editions: Basic and Professional, with the Basic edition only offering 1040 preparation and filing. The product also offers seamless integration with QuickBooks (Professional edition), making it a terrific option for firms already utilizing QuickBooks applications. ProSeries Tax is only available as a desktop/network installation and does not support cloud hosted environments or offer mobile apps. ProSeries Tax is currently offered in both Basic and Professional versions, with the Basic version handling individual returns only. The 1040 Complete edition of ProSeries Tax runs $1,849 per year, with pricing per form available for those processing business forms as well. Other Professional options include a Pay-Per Return option and the brand new Choice 200, for firms that process less than 200 forms annually, with pricing available upon request. Read the full review for this product online at: 12423362 4.25 2018 OVERALL RATING MyTAXPrepOffice MyTAXPrepOffice from Advanced Tax Solutions is a good fit for tax preparers that process a high number of uncomplicated individual and business returns while offering free, unlimited federal and state e-filing. MyTAXPrepOffice is an online application that works with all common browsers, with users able to access the application from their desktop PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. The product offers an offline mode, so users can still use the product even if not connected, with any data later syncing when a connection is restored. MyTAXPrepOffice is available in three editions: Individual, $395, and only handles 1040 processing for a single user; Essential, $695, and offers both individual and business return processing while supporting two system users; and Unlimited, $995, and includes Multi-Office Management capability and supports an unlimited number of system users. All versions include unlimited tax preparation. The above plans are not available for customers residing in Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, or New York, but MyTAXPrepOffice offers a special plan for tax preparers in these states. Read the full review for this product online at: 12423369 4.5 2018 OVERALL RATING Read all of the Tax Prep reviews online at: TRADITIONAL WORKFLOW SYSTEMS

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