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28 AUGUST 2018 ■ 2018 ACCOUNTANTS PRODUCT & SERVICE GUIDE 1099 & W-2 Payroll Relief AccountantsWorld 631-232-1040 Big service bureaus make billions of dollars every year from processing payrolls for small businesses – including your clients. See how Payroll Relief has leveled the playing field and made payroll a high profit-margin service for accountants and payroll processors like you. How have we made offering payroll services so easy for you? The key factor behind the success of payroll service bureaus is their powerful processing centers that have automated most complex payroll processing tasks. So we created a powerful cloud-based payroll processing center exclusively for accountants and independent payroll processors. Now you can offer highly profitable, fully automated payroll services without any compliance headaches. What does this breakthrough in payroll processing do to your practice? It makes offering payroll services easier and as profitable as (if not more than) other services, by creating a continuous, perpetual revenue stream to balance the peaks and valleys of tax services. It strengthens client relationships and increases client retention. EagleView Filing Solutions - W-2, 1099 and ACA Compliance Tenenz, Inc. 800-888-5803 Tenenz, Inc. Eagleview Filing Solutions is an on-line W-2, 1099 and ACA forms filing service for accountants, tax preparers, small businesses, payroll services and even larger institutions who request Eagleview’s hands-on service bureau attention to large batch filing. Tenenz customers and thousands of new customers are making the economical, easy and inevitable transition to on-line filing of W-2’s, 1099’s and ACA forms instead of the traditional approach of buying software, forms, envelopes, postage, toner and, in some cases, temporary labor to file their clients’ informational forms. This on-line technology is rapidly changing the future of information forms filing. “The Eagleview platform enables easy data uploads and bullet-proof secure e-file, print and mail service with so many benefits over the traditional process that Tenenz is experiencing unprecedented repeat usage rates after a customer executes just one form filing on Eagleview.” “A light bulb goes on and customers readily see the simplicity and value.” Says Bob Tenner of Tenenz, Inc. A list of site features is shown below. Go to for a tour. In depth technical questions can be directed to the proper member of our team by contacting Bob Tenner at E-File Site Features 1. Federal filing to IRS and SSA 1098, 1098-T • 1099-B, 1099-C, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, 1099-R, 1099-S • 1042-S • W-2 • ACA forms 1094-B, 1094-C, 1095-B, 1095-C 2. File to the IRS Combined Federal & State Filing Program for • 1099-B, • 1099-DIV • 1099-INT • 1099-MISC • 1099-R 3. File corrections, even if the original wasn’t filed on the site • 1098 • 1099-DIV • 1099-INT • 1099-MISC • 1099-S • W-2C 4. Filing Options: • E-File & Delivery (Original Forms; Correction Forms) • E-File Only (Original Forms; Correction Forms) • Edit forms submitted but not yet e-filed • Substantial Volume discounts for original forms as low as $1.05 5. E-Delivery available with recipient’s email address 6. Store payer and recipient data for use each year 7. Enter payers, recipients and form data through manual data entry or Excel upload, or 8. Integrated with leading accounting software for quick and easy 1099-MISC data transfer • QuickBooks Online Plus • Xero Cloud Accounting • Icon CMO online software • QuickBooks Desktop Pro plug-in 9. Totals and Summary Reports available both pre- and post-filing to check work. Totals reports act as a 1096 or W-3 for electronic filing 10. 1096’s and W-3’s are not used when electronic filing 11. Customer support through live chat, email and online knowledgebase 12. Email confirmations automatically sent to preparer when forms are e-filed 13. Printing and mailing of recipient copies takes place in a secure, SOC-certified and HIPAA-compliant facility. Key Feature As of the 2016 tax season Eagleview On-line Filing Solutions was added • State e-filing –Most services only offer e-filing to SSA and IRS and then States only receive 1099 filing if part of the Combined Federal/State Filing Program. Eagleview’s new State filing programs cover all states for both W-2’s and 1099’s. • Full ACA form filing compliance-Many services failed miserably in ACA form filing for the 2015 filing season. The Eagleview platform succeeded with full compliance for all 1095 and 1094 forms. • Flexible Pricing- Eagleview pricing is extremely competitive at every filing quantity. And this year, we are adding even more price flexibility for high volume filers who can now purchase “Buy Down” rates at various quantities. Tenenz Inc, located in Minneapolis, MN has provided low cost, high quality tax and accounting products and services to professional accounting firms across the U.S for over 40 years. Tenenz, Inc. is a reseller of the Eagleview on-line filing platform and owner of the Tenenz, Tax-Aid and Eagleview Filing Solutions Trademarks. We can e-file, print and mail to you recipients and securely retain your data year over year. Accounting Accounting Power AccountantsWorld 631-232-1040 Other accounting solutions were created primarily for small businesses and are sold directly to them, claiming to make accounting easier for them. Accountants are their secondary users, and are mainly important as a marketing channel. Visit to learn more! Accounting Power is the first cloud-based accounting system created exclusively for YOU - the accounting professional - to give you greater control over client accounting than ever before. We never sell Accounting Power directly to your clients. You decide how to use Accounting Power to meet each of your client’s needs most effectively. Unlike DIY accounting programs, our primary focus is on bringing complete accounting services back to accountants. We are leading the way for accountants to capitalize on this multi-billion-dollar new opportunity. Government AccuFund Accounting Suite AccuFund, Inc. 877-872-2228 Available as either a cloud (SaaS) subscription or on-premise licensed solution, the AccuFund Accounting Suite provides a complete financial management solution to nonprofit organizations. AccuFund includes specialized modules for community action, work force development and other social service agencies that need to track both the recipient of services as well as those providing it and paying for it. The Suite includes financial reporting for external and internal purposes and easy cross-year reporting for grants and projects. Specialized modules include Payroll with web-based time entry, integrated Human Resources, Allocations, Purchasing with Electronic Requisitions, Grants Management, Client Accounting and Invoicing. AccuFund’s two versions, standard for smaller organizations and professional for larger ones provides a scalable, configurable solution to meet the needs of all but the very largest NPOs with an easy to use interface that is preferred by users and consistent throughout the system. MARKETING Mostad Marketing Cloud Tenenz, Inc. 800-888-5803 Make your work life easier with Mostad Marketing Cloud. Mostad Marketing Cloud makes digital marketing easy—it’s hassle-free, automated, engaging and affordable. You’ll get everything you need to keep your clients engaged and your tax & accounting firm growing using one convenient online platform. We’ll automatically publish a firm branded monthly newsletter, weekly tax tips, 200-article library and tax videos to your website, reinforcing your firm’s credibility and keeping your site’s content fresh. Automated email campaigns make it easy to keep clients informed and your appoint-

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