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AUG 2018

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More accounting power. More accounting pride. There is no question that you play the most important role in client accounting. Then why would any company bypass you and sell its accounting software directly to your clients, knowing that it diminishes your relevance and your ability to best serve your clients? We can't answer that, but we have a solution to the challenges created by this business model. It's the cloud-based professional accounting system - Accounting Power®. Sold exclusively to accounting professionals like you, Accounting Power includes both a powerful professional accounting system and a G/L system. It gives you the power and control you need to run your accounting practice precisely the way YOU want. It's a known fact that most business owners hate doing accounting. With Accounting Power, you can easily offer highly profitable Client Accounting Services (CAS) to the clients who want to offload all their accounting work to you so they can focus on what they do best—manage and grow their businesses. Accounting Power has unprecedented capabilities for write-up, trial balance, and preparing fully customizable financial statements. Its analytical tools let you offer value-added outsourced CFO services. Now, by giving each client what they need and value, you can raise your relevance and your boom line. Isn't that what you really want? To learn how AccountantsWorld delivers new possibilities for your firm, visit AccountantsWorld Empower yourself.SM

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