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OCT 2018

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Serious about your accounting practice? So are we. We'll help you make your accounting practice 20% more profi table without adding any clients or staff. We do it by empowering you to take back control of client accounting. Most accounting software is sold directly to small businesses, which has marginalized your professional status. That business model is the primary cause of the challenges that both you and your clients face today. Our cloud-based professional accounting system – Accounting Power CAS – includes everything you need for client accounting, and allows you to work collaboratively with your clients while you remain in control. Accounting Power CAS minimizes client errors and streamlines your entire accounting practice so your staff can perform its current accounting work in much less time. Performing Client Accounting Services (CAS) is a breeze with Accounting Power CAS. Using the time that your firm gains, you can now offer highly profitable Client Accounting Services to clients who want to offload all their accounting work to you. That's how you add much more to your bottom line, while better serving all your clients. "My frustration had been that my accounting was driven by the demands of the accounting systems used by my clients. Accounting Power put me back in control. Now I can do my accounting engagements more efficiently than ever, and the way I want". - Elbert Chester, Elbert T. Chester, CPA PLLC "Accounting Power CAS provides me more control. It has enabled us to truly become an outsourced CFO to small businesses." - Jim Sosinski, CPA and Partner, Koenig CPAs See for yourself how Accounting Power CAS can make your accounting practice more profitable. Visit to learn more. The AccountantsWorld difference While most accounting software providers find innovative ways to use you to grow their businesses, we fi nd innovative ways to empower you to grow your own practice.

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