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Why are most payroll practices only marginally profitable? Because most accountants don't know one critical fact. And those who know this fact have done tremendously well. This is Tyler Winn, CPA, Founder of Cirrus Payroll. His firm processes 176 payrolls with just one staff member. Search on Google for "payroll services in Tulsa, OK". You'll find 91 five-star ratings, compared to two-star ratings for a national payroll service bureau. Richard Rogers, EA is CEO of Mother Lode Bookkeeping. The payroll solution they use has eliminated compliance headaches, enabling them to process hundreds of clients painlessly. This kind of success isn't limited to small firms. Top 100 firms like Hill, Barth & King, CPAs and Consultants have also done extremely well with payroll services. According to Martin M. Gargano, Principal at HBK, his firm has expanded its payroll practice through 14 of their offices. So how did these firms do it? These firms discovered that Payroll Relief from AccountantsWorld lets their firms process payroll much faster and easier than the payroll solutions they were using. That's because cloud-based Payroll Relief was created exclusively to help accountants offer highly profitable payroll services without compliance headaches. Knowing this fact, these firms did what any firm that is serious about their payroll practice would do – they switched to Payroll Relief. Learn how Payroll Relief can boost your practice at

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